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Will I catch fish?

While we cannot guarantee that you will catch fish, we can promise we will do our best to create a memorable experience, and assure you we offer as good a chance as any charter company!


How much will this cost me?

Refer to our Charter section, or Contact Us!


Where does the boat Leave from?

Taylor Point Marina address 1 Academy Dr, Buzzards Bay, MA 02532


What sets you apart from other charters?

We are new charter company who is getting into this because we're passionate about what we do! We are fun, customer driven, and offer some of the best pricing you'll find in the area!


Do you provide fishing gear?

If you have your own and comfortable with it, they’re more than welcome aboard! We have plenty of fishing gear if you don't have your own.


How many fish can we keep?

The regulations change frequently and vary depending on species if you have specific questions please feel free to contact us.


How many people can we take on your boat?

Our boat can take up to 6 persons. Coast Guard regulations


Can we drink? 

Drinking in moderation is allowed any illegal substance is prohibited and could be grounds for the boat to return home with no refund. Drunk or Disorderly is not tolerated and is also grounds for an early return home with no refund.


When should we arrive at the boat? 

Please arrive 1/2 hour before your scheduled departure time.


What should I bring on the trip?

Be sure to bring clothes suited for the weather conditions (Be aware that conditions out sea are often different than on land and can change quickly). If you take medication please be sure to bring those with you. Bring lots of food and beverages in a cooler, as well as ICE to keep them cool. (Water is very important to stay hydrated while on the boat) SUN BLOCK - the sun rays are stronger on the water and you can burn quickly. Sun Glasses.


Do I need my own life jacket?

No we have safety equipment aboard the boats.

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